Innovative Crop Solutions Technology Increased Plant Yield 63-100%

Innovative Crop Solutions proprietary technology remarkably increases plant germination, growth, and yield. Studies showed the following flowering improvements:

  • 25% more soy pods per plant
  • 42% more corn ears per plant
  • 100 % more tomatoes per plant

Seeds coated with this patented technology germinated faster, some germinating in a day. By day three, 50% of the coated soybeans had germinated as opposed to only 25% on the control group. So crops grow faster.

And the technology increases the chances that more seeds will germinate. In six days, 90% of the corn seeds germinated compared to only 75% of the untreated seeds. This is good news for crops with a low level of seed germination.

Seeds also increased their water uptake by nearly 50% – a great benefit in water deficit areas.

The technology can be applied as a spray over the soil after the seeds are planted. It has been proven effective on a variety of plants.

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