Easy To Apply With Existing Equipment

Innovative Crop Solutions can easily increase your yield using your existing equipment. Spray coat seeds as with other coating methods before being packaged for distribution. For in ground plants add the solution to your irrigation water the same as liquid fertilizers.

The difference is in the results.

Laboratory Tests

The technology was first tested as a seed coating in the lab. They found seeds germinated faster and more seeds germinated with some plants increasing yields by 100%.


The inventor conducted lab tests on 5 seed types- Tomato, Corn, Barley, Soybean, and switch grass. During these studies, she achieved the following results:

  • up to 50% increase in flowering
  • over 100% increase in seed germination rates
  • increased speed of germination
  • increased water uptake by nearly 50%


Greenhouse Tests

Greenhouse Test Results on soybean and corn – each with 30 control plants and 40 treated plants.

Treated plants produced significant increases in germination rates:

  • 100% increase in soybean germination after 3 days
  • 28% increase in corn germination after 6 days

Plants treated with the technology also demonstrated significant increases in flowering and produced:

  • 42% more corn ears per plant
  • 25% more soybean pods per plant

techPIn04Increase plant strength and size

  • Fresh weight of total biomass (leaves, stems and roots) increased substantially when seedlings were coated with this patented mixture
  • Stems grew longer
  • Plant more developed
  • Root system length remained similar
  • No toxic effects on root development and root elongation

The coating affects the expression of genes that are essential for cell division and plant development. It does not affect the microbial community or bacterial diversity in the soil.

Since it is not a genetic modification with gene splicing, the product will not need GMO labeling.

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